A Valentine celebration at home

Although I must admit we don't celebrate Valentine's Day each and every year, we always have a great time when we decide to make time for a Valentine's tête-à-tête. 

As for the table setting, I'll follow my feeling at that moment. I'll sometimes go for a classic setting, an organic styling, a boho chic, and this year I went all out with pink and gold. (I secretly set up our table and decor today for your inspiration)  

One thing I love is to layer textures and color in my styling. In this gold and pink styling, I used different styles of glassware and I used my grandmother Martha's (may she rest in peace) china cups for tealights.  

Because I don't want the house to get over-cluttered with decor for such a short but fun festivity, I decided to only do a styled table and some decor in the living room. Some golden branches in a vase and tealights will do as the centerpiece. 

Instead of going out for diner which we do enjoy, we celebrate at home with a candle lit dinner. Sometimes I'll prepare the menu, some years Abbas cooks for us or we cook together. Isn't cooking for the one you love and enjoy a home cooked meal together, just one of the greater joys in life? 

So that's how we spend most of our Valentine's Days, how about you? 

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