= The opposite of the coolest man cave. ;-) I love my walk-in-closet!

I still can't believe I convinced my husband and my father with my walk-in-closet sketch. Over the course of many weekends they custom built this beautiful organized space for me. Pinterest, you can really make a gal and her family go crazy. I fell in love with the idea of swapping my closet for a practical and beautiful walk-i-closets a few years ago, think Carrie Bradshaw might have something to do with it too! :-D Not kidding. 

I knew I wanted an all-white dressing (our house is all-white, again, not kidding) but lately I need a pop of color! So a few weeks ago, on a inspiring afternoon I spent a couple of fun hours in my dressing adding some playful, feminine décor pieces to the space. 

So this is what I did:

Using a marker I got bold dotting not so perfect dots all over the existing white wall paper in black and blush pink. This touch set the tone for more black and blush pink touches.

Next I cut off pompoms from a scarf I didn't like and using a can of spray glue I glued the pompoms onto storage - and laundry baskets. To the lampshades, which were all white, I added hand drawn thin black strokes with my marker, I added a black ribbon bow and a pink pompom with the glue to match styling of the baskets. 

On the shelve I only added a few décor pieces such as a mirrored glass box for my jewelry and a few black-and-white striped hat boxes.

I think just a few décor pieces in the color scheme are enough, I want to be able to switch up my stylings around the house whenever I want to  and I need the space to fold clothes and to do my hair and make up every day. 

So let me know what you think. How do you organize and style your closet space or welk-in-closet?