Eating clean is very important and I can assure you, I've made my fair share of mistakes in terms of food habits in the past. About 2,5 years ago I realized I had to change the way I was living, making lifestyle changes such as becoming more active (I'm talking sport activities not just being extremely busy with work, haha) and eating as clean & healthy as possible on a daily basis has become ever so important to me. Making these changes has had such a good impact on my life in many ways.. Let me know if you would like me to put up a post about my personal lifestyle changes! 

I won't lie to you, I do love a burger and something sweet once in a while. Hey, cut me some slack, I am human too.. and I'm pregnant! - Pregnancy cravings are real! - But I try my best to bring fast food to a minimum, baby eats that too! When I'm out grocery shopping, I always keep the baby in mind making sure I provide him with the best building blocks for a healthy development and start in life. Baby <3


Breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dine like a pauper

Sure you heard of this saying. 

Okay, that said, I do believe that healthy food is medicine for the body and mind! And I do enjoy preparing yummy dishes. It's something that makes me happy.

So let's get cooking, today I'm sharing what I typically eat in a day. (during pregnancy)




Disclaimer: This post is in no way a sponsored post.



First comes breakfast! Preparing a delicious & nutritious breakfast is a great reason for me to get out of bed in the morning. (with less snoozing) Taking in plenty of calcium and getting enough nutrition is very important during pregnancy, I do keep this in mind when choosing my meals.


I typically fill up a bowl with granola, a handful of gorgeous blueberries and raspberries. (my favorite! and now even more #dailypregnancycraving) I'll often add a sprinkle of dark chocolate flakes.


When I need a little extra sweet tooth I'll prepare a couple of banana oatmeal pancakes. These are similar to american pancakes (small & plump) but I make the dough from banana's, oatmeal, 1 egg and milk. These really take no time to make. (very easy) I've posted the recipe recently on my Instagram @anaisstoelen. So check it out if you are craving some healthy yummy pancakes like it's nobody's business. I typically eat two pancakes with a handful of blueberries, some banana slices (about 1/2 banana) and a drizzle of maple syrup.

Option 3: PORRIDGE

On some days I need the warm hug of my husband and some porridge in the morning. :-) I love a whole grain porridge (my favorite is from Brinta) or an oatmeal porridge with slices of banana and a little bit of cinnamon*. And so yes, yes, I do love banana in my breakfast routine. It's nutritious and gives me a full feeling. Mama's you know how hungry you can be when pregnant, am I right? So let's go bananas! :-D

(*I'm careful with using cinnamon during pregnancy, I read that it's not recommended because it can harm an unborn baby. Not sure if that's really so but I rather avoid it in this case.) 

In the weekend I'll treat Abbas and myself to an elaborate breakfast. So on top of these options I'll sometimes eat a croissant with apricot or raspberry jam (Bon Maman, I love this brand!) a toast with cheese (always pasteurized) and a greek yoghurt (pasteurized milk).


When the clock strikes 10 am, I feel a bit nauseous because I'm starving! Mama's, does this happen to you too? So I'll quickly make myself a filling snack.

Option 1: A SANDWICH

I love sourdough bread and I'll smear it with a cream cheese (Boursin for life!) and I'll top it with a few slices of organically grown cucumber. If I'm really hungry I'll have a second sandwich with cream cheese and cherry tomatoes.. (so much more taste than regular veggies, seriously, I buy most veggies from organic farming!) Sometimes I'll go for a sweet sandwich with strawberries but most of the time I need something fresh & salty. If I have more time I'll treat myself to a sandwich with avocado spread. (Love you!)

If I didn't eat fruits for breakfast, sometimes I'll eat a small cup of fruit as a side dish to my sandwich as well. And did I mention I love a cup of green tea in the morning?

Option 2: FRUITS

Most of the time when I'm attacked by this sudden hunger I'll stick to option 1, the sandwich, but there are times that I'm thirsty for fruits. I love mango, apple (Pink Lady), prunes and passion fruit the most in the morning.


Option 1: WARM LUNCH

When I need an energy boost, or when I know I'll have to run some errands or do some chores in the afternoon, I need a little bit extra. I love a quick and easy pasta for lunch such as a homemade pesto genovese. (Sometimes I'll go for a whole-weat pasta because it's the healthier choice, but I'm not always into it.)

Option 2: SALAD

I love myself a fresh and crispy green salad (with a bit of vinaigrette), sometimes with bit of chicken or a homemade tuna salad and bread. But there are also times I like an all-veggie salad starring raw or grilled veggies. 

Option 2: SOUP

Who doesn't love a delicious soup? My favorite light soup is a homemade zucchini-cucumber soup and kaffir lime leaves. For a hearty soup I love a roasted (butternut) pumpkin coconut milk soup.


Around 3 pm I often feel a little bit tired and lose concentration so I'll grab a healthy snack. My go-to afternoon snack is a handful of unsalted, natural nuts, a few raisins and one dried prune (Mama's, you know why we need prunes, haha!).. Okay yes yes, fine.. and a piece of dark chocolate. Call me crazy but I love the to-melt kind of chocolate bar from Côte d'Or. To go with this yummy snack I love a hot drink such as a (caffeine free) raspberry or cherry tea from Celestial Seasonings. PS: I learned to drink my tea without sugar or sweeteners and I love the taste of tea so much more!


Aah dinner: family time! I love this part of the day because we get to share what's on our mind and enjoy a meal together. I try to eat as light as possible in the evening myself because lately I've been having a lot of heartburn in the evenings. (I'll be the last person to deny that pregnancy also holds some less pleasant symptoms. :-D) 

Mexican style veggie filled chicken wraps, a non-fatty fish with green asparagus and brown rice, rosemary grilled zucchini with vegetarian burgers - I love spinach burgers - and quinoa or a carrot puree, peas and turkey (or less lean, a few slices of bacon, .. I know!) are my just some of my favorites dishes.

I try to eat as variated and healthy as possible with baby in mind. And which ever meal I serve I always try to include plenty of vegetables. Twice a week we'll eat fish and we do try to eat lean meats most days. I also avoid butter, I mainly use extra virgin olive oil or coconut oil. I'm very picky when it comes to coconut oil I solely use organic raw coconut oil from Aman Prana.


After dinner I'll sometimes feel hungry again. And it's at this time of the day that I crave for something sweet or salty. This can sometimes mean something unhealthy.. never buy Crack-A-Nut for me! Seriously! 

I try to limit my intake of sugar and processed foods as much as I can resist them.


In the winter months or when I crave for something soothing I love a rice semolina pudding or a vanilla pudding. I'll only eat a small portion though and I'll eat it directly after dinner because milk in the evening can really stimulate my heartburn for the worse.


When I'm craving something fresh, yoghurt is my favorite. I love a good thick greek yoghurt! A few pieces of fresh fruit make it ever so yummy. (Although I'm careful eating fruit in the evening because it can disturb my digestion.)


And some evenings I just love a cookie or two, three and I might grab a bag of potato chips . :-D I told you, I'm not going to lie, I have cravings! It's all about balance. Luckily these cravings only happen once in a while. As I said before I try to eat as healthy as possible on a daily basis. Weekends are a bit harder! ;-) 


So I told you about my daily meals as a mommy-to-be. These meals just work for me and I thought I would share them with you. 

Do you have any specific dishes you love during pregnancy? I'm curious what you moms-to-be eat. And please let me know if you would like any recipes, if you have any questions or suggestions!

All ears, tell me!

Bon Appetit!