Hooray, almost there! This week I've entered my final trimester, the third trimester at 28 weeks. I'm feeling a bit nervous for the delivery but we had a hospital tour and an info session this week and that sure helped solve a lot of remaining mysteries for me. 

My second trimester has been mostly pleasurable, my energy levels were up again after a very tiresome firs trimester. I think it's safe to say I awoke from winter hybernation. I felt good throughout the second trimester expect for some back and belly aches and a bad case of heartburn. Most of days I couldn't complain! I love being pregnant, it's such a special feeling. And here come the tears again. :-)

Lots of good things happened in the second trimester with explicit baby kicks from week 18 on. They felt a lot stronger and very different than those first kicks which started around week 14. Also I actually started looking pregnant where as before some people would give me that 'is-she-pregnant-or-did-she-eat-too-much? kinda look'.


We also got around to tackling our baby's registry, we did a lot of shopping for those essentials for baby's first months and we finally found the time and inspiration for the nursery. Somehow we couldn't make up our mind when it came down to choosing paint colors. We laughed and joked about it a lot. Every time we had a clear vision, something felt off. It gotten to the point of plain embarrassing and I made a joke about it then: 

Me: 'Darling, how are we going to decide on baby's name when we can't even decide on the paint colors for his nursery?'

True story! LOL!




And today I pulled out some beautiful clothes and Abbas made some photos of me at our home because we are cheering that we made it to the next big milestone. From 28 weeks on if the baby would be born early, his survival chances would be high enough as his vital organs are now mature enough for him to live outside of the womb. Off course we hope he'll stay in my oven a little bit longer until June!


Baby boy we love you so much. I can't express just how special it is to feel him making contact with our hands on my belly. It's the most wonderful feeling in the world. 

And now the search for the little guy's name continues. Goudmanneke forever!

Shop the look: Silk Bridal Robe  Intimissimi

Shop the look: Silk Bridal Robe Intimissimi

Credits to my husband for these meaningful images!