Well spring's almost here and I'm super excited and I've already been having some serious coastal vibes. I could really live by the beach, not kidding, it's actually one of my biggest dreams! La mer..

I've always been inspired by the sea and I'm sure my childhood memories of holidays at the sea have something to do with my dreams of wanting to live near the beach. 


I love the sea, the feeling of sand between my toes, the wind in my hair, the salt on my lips. 

How no wave is alike and how they crash into the shore, the different shades of blue water and how it the color can look so transparant as soon as the sun comes out, the relaxing sounds of the waves and seagulls. I love spending long weekends at the beach, it doesn't have to be summer, I do enjoy a winter walk on the beach as well! (Followed by a hot chocolate WITH whipped cream. A very important addition) 

Although I love the effortless nature of those long summer holidays, a simple bike ride along the beach dike with my husband and my family is enough to fill my heart with happiness. 

That blissful feeling is what I want to recreate at home. I love to refine and redefine spaces, change things up as the seasons change, add pops of color with decor and use interesting textures for a fresh feel. Styling our home is one of my biggest passions.



So here's our living space now, spring ready drawn from my sea inspiration. The only thing we need is to fill up the picture frames with memories and the new ones we'll make with our baby. I'm already dreaming of strolling around with baby at the beach. :-) <3


I set the tone by starting with a bit of styling in the hallway. Gold and azur blue decor, reminiscent of golden sunshine and blue water make for a breezy beach entrance.

When I walked back into the space and saw it from a distance it felt like it needed something else, a painting or a picture. So I added one of my favorite shots to this vignette. This picture is special to me, I remember this moment well, the little girl was spinning around, dancing all by herself on the beach of Ostend. It's one of my earlier works and it portrays such great happiness, don't you think?

Happiness is..

Dining table

Because we also love to entertain in the kitchen or preferably in the garden - please be here soon spring weather! - I chose to add a big centerpiece to the dining table. (which I will have to remove for dinner parties)

I love the white and baby blue table linen here, I think it looks super fresh in combination with he warm brown Indonesian tray and that gold-tone bamboo frame. And I love how the different shades of blue bring a vibrant depth to the styling. My favorite piece here, apart from the giant shells which is love!, is the high blue and white pattern ceramic vase which was my grand mother's. A couple of gold colored branches create even more hight. The branches remind me of cane you'll find on the beach. I'm still thinking about adding a few stacks of designer coffee table books, I haven't decided on this yet. That's the fun of home styling, you can always change this up as you go along.


This bookcase has to be one of my all-time favorite pieces of furniture ever, I love to style the shelves for different moods and seasons, the styling of the bookcase can change the whole atmosphere of the room. My carte blanche. With my heart beating coastal living, summer house feeling, #summervibes, I kept it rather minimal with only a few decor pieces. Organic materials, blue tones, pops of gold and neutrals make that beach look complete for me. I really love how it came together. 

Through out the hallway, living room and dining space this summer house theme continues. From the azur (turquoise) blue cushions and a creamy beige knitted throw to blue glassware on the mantle, vibrant blue wall art and an organic decorated bookcase. I'm not done yet though, I'm going to continue to add to that summer house feel. The kitchen, the upstairs and the garden can use some restyling too. 

Can we just remove the garden fence and can the sea then magically appear a few sand footsteps away? I'll ask my husband! Hahaha! A girl can dream.

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Dining table & chairs from Maisons Du Monde - Bamboo gold picture frame Zara Home