I'm down to the last weeks of pregnancy! Week 34 is in full swing and baby's about the size of a pineapple, can you believe that? I mean, a pineapple is so big! Well I can believe it when I look in the mirror, or whenever I try getting out of bath or bed. Well, I'm getting a bit uncomfortable and I'm experiencing Braxton Hicks, lower back pain and menstrual-like cramps in my lower abdomen on a daily basis now.

The excitement and impatience is rising even more now that I've only have a couple of weeks to go, while on the other hand I'm a bit sad at the same time because time flies so quickly and I love this special time. Feeling him move and watching my belly take on different shapes is still so fascinating and unreal. <3

While we are preparing ourselves in our minds, we're busy making the final preparations for baby as well. (Most of the preparations are already done and that's great for our stress levels.) Because baby will come when he decides and we want to be ready for him!

We finished the nursery a couple of weeks ago, his crib is installed in our room, his laundry is done, folded and organized, his stroller is set up in the hallway and his and all of our hospital bags (one for baby, one for Abbas and one for me) are ready to go whenever it's time.

So the last things we need to do is to install the Maxi Cosi, finish up our baby proofing around the house and prepare some healthy meals for the freezer for those first days with baby. We're also going on lot's of dates now we still can and (I read that's a must-do before baby comes) we're loving that quality time together. This weekend we finally got some time off and we spent the weekend at the beach, celebrating our one year anniversary. Really loved it! 

I feel like I've still so much to tell you guys! But for now, before I go, I thought I'dd share how I did babies laundry using natural products and the other uses I have for them.


When I look around the supermarket it's horrible to find any natural products that are really safe for baby (and well for all of us) if I'm totally honest. There are so many toxins in most body care products and laundry products, the thought of having to wash my baby, his clothes and his bedding with these harsh ingredients really freaks me out. So I did my research and I tried and tested a couple of alternatives that you might love like I do.

I'm a really big fan of these 3 brands and I've been using these products myself for a long time now. These products are packed with natural products and great to use on your own skin, hair and laundry and for babies.

Check out these 3 brands!

1. Attitude 

2. Weleda

3. Urtekram

To wash his bedding I use Attitude laundry detergent and fabric softener. After the baby is born I will continue to use Attitude laundry detergent in for his machine washes. However I have read that it's best to watch out with fabric softener for baby clothes and for babies bedding because of allergic reactions they might have. I love Attitude products, I use them for our laundry as well and I also use their non-toxic cleaning products around the house.

For babies laundry, which is really isn't dirty because it hasn't been worn yet, I washed his delicate outfits by hand using Weleda's Calendula Shampoo and Douche Cream. I did the same for all of his teddy bears. I personally use Weleda's Calendula Face Cream for babies instead of regular day cream. It's a mild product, the scent is amazing and it keeps my skin hydrated without any involving chemicals. I'm going to test more Weleda baby products as well on my own skin and hair. 

I also used my shampoo from Urtekram Coconut Shampoo with organic coconut nectar and daisy flower extract, which I use on my hair, to wash most of babies new clothes. Work like a charm. The coconut scent is very subtile so I don't think it will be overwhelming for the baby nor cause allergic reactions. Urtrekram however also has a baby shampoo collection you might want to give a try and I think their perfume-free shampoo is worth the try as well.

Hope that my personal experience with these alternatives can be of good use to your family! That's all for now! #countingdown 45 days to go! :-) <3 Yes!

Let me know if which products you like to use and tell me your stories! Also, I was wondering if you would like me to do a dedicated post on what's in our hospital bags? Drop your comment below. Thanks and see you, lovelies!