Hello Friends! As you probably can see I'm nearing the end of my pregnancy with only a couple of weeks left to go until the big day. I can't wait! We're both so excited! You know the bump is growing fast and the temperatures just spiked and those rainy cold days are (hopefully) behind us, so I needed to do some third trimester shopping.

I found some really great outfits such as stretchy navy striped dresses, an A-line black and white polka dot dress (black and white polka dot dresses and skirts seem to be hot again) and a couple of loose fitting linen dresses. Oh and I'm really over pants.. I simply cannot stand them any longer so I ditched the maternity pants all together. From now on, I'll only be wearing leggings with longer tops and shirts or dresses (mostly dresses I think). Comfort is everything these days!

When I went shopping for some must-needed pieces for my hospital bag I came across this g-o-r-g-e-o-u-s shirt dress with pink stripes that looked so timeless. Am I the only one who cannot just go shopping for things you need? There's always something else that catches my eye and that I sort of need.. ;-) you know!

The funniest part yet is that this shirt dress is actually a pajama dress. But who cares really? I found this dress at H&M, which is now jam-packed with these kind of shirt dresses in every department of the shop, there's no difference between the pajama shirt dress and the normal shirt dress so why not! I also tried on a similar one with light blue stripes but I liked the soft pink stripe just a tiny bit more. (And golly how I love blue) I love how vintage looking the shirt dress is and I think the little quote appliqué is such a sweet touch. It says: 'C'est la vie mon cheri'. Isn't that sweet? I sure couldn't resist adding this dress to my shopping bag. 



Than last weekend the look came together as I was trying on my new rose gold/copper metallic leather sandals. I had the idea of doing a small spontaneous shoot at the Belgian Coast (in De Haan, super vintage town) now we could still get there and I'm beyond excited that we did. I love how the images turned out. I love how this dress is comfy and classy and I can wear it as a cover up over my bikini as well. I don't know if we'll be heading to the beach again soon as it's quit the trip but I'm happy we had these blissful moments. 

I love how modern yet vintage the whole look is, it brings a certain nostalgia to childhood holidays at the beach for me personally. This shoot will certainly become a beautiful keepsake , a reminder of this special time in our lives. My husband Abbas really captured my emotions and how blessed I feel being pregnant. It's our little wonder in there and he won't be there much longer so these images really make me melt, they are everything and they deserve a silver frame! Forever moments. Baby we love you! 

Pajama dress, you''re a real winner, who agrees? 

Momma's-to-be: What's your favorite look for spring? Let me know in the comment section below! 

Love, Anaïs