Excuse me for the Iphone pics, I normally only post edited images from my camera on my blog but the couple of weeks have been hard and I didn't have the time nor energy to shoot. You might have read it before on Instragram or Facebook that I fell of the stairs last week and was in the hospital. Still experiencing some aches in my pelvis area from the fall but I'm doing better! And thank you for your support! It's not how I planned going into my third trimester of pregnancy but I'm glad baby is doing fine and I don't have any major injuries. So let's move on. Positive thoughts!

Today I'm sharing one of my favorite DIY hairstyles.

Let me know how you like it and if this tutorial worked great for you? Would you like me to post more tutorials on hair & beauty. I'dd love to hear from you in the comments below!

Over the years I've tried out a lot of looks and I fell in love with wavy hairstyles. The more effortless looking, the better, for an every day look. I love how versatile a wavy curl can be, you can wear it to the beach, to the office, for a night out or even to a special event.

After many trial and errors, I finally found how to create this effortless style without spending lots of time. This look only takes me about 20 to 30 minutes to create and I think that's great!

And because many of you were interested in this tutorial (thanks to the Instagram poll) I decided to share my routine with you.

Before we dive into the step-by-step tutorial I wanted to share some tips with you that work for well on my hair. 

Here it goes. This wavy curled look works so well on second or third day hair that hasn't been treated with conditioner. It's a trick I learned from hair professionals and it's a really good one. If your hair is really soft, after just having washed, conditioned and brushed it, the curls are much more likely to slide out pretty quickly. Honestly these wavy curls normally last about two, sometimes 3 days when I curl my hair on the second or third day after my last wash as supposed to just a couple of hours if I create right after washing my hair. 

Let's talk styling products. Styling products can be great but personally my hair doesn't handle styling products all to well and it makes my hair texture so heavy, so I try not to use any products before or after curling. I only use a bit of heat protective spray and if I do want some extra shine I consider just a light spray of Gliss Kur Brilliant Tonic from Schwarzkopf.

My last tip is to pin your curls up if you want them to last longer. Normally I won't pin the curls up as this takes up more of my time but if it's for a special occasion such as a wedding or an event I'll pin the curls up an leave them in for a couple of hours before leaving the house. 

How to pin the curls up:

Instead of just letting the curl slide of of the iron, let the curl slide into the palm of your hand. Move your hand palm up and down in a slow motion (do this a couple of time) to let the curl cool down a bit more before pinning it up.

With your other hand, use your index finger and thumb to hold the curl together as a flat circle (if that makes sense)?

Use a bobby pin to pin the curl down at the root of the lock. Repeat this process for every curl and keep them pinned for a while.

When you're ready to finish the look, gently release the curls from their pins. (Hold your head upside down) and loosen up the curls by running your fingers through them. For a sleek look gently brush through the curls until they look like waves rather than curls.

How to: Effortless Wavy Curl

Step 1: Heat up your curling iron to 200 - 220°C

Step 2: Meanwhile comb through your hair to make sure it's frizz-free  (it's even better to use an ionic comb)

Step 3: Take a lock of hair and hold it close to the root, open the curling iron and wrap your lock around the curling iron and carefully hold on to your hair tip (should it fall out of the clip). I prefer to place the iron at a slightly tilted, horizontal angle and I firmly pull it a little bit backwards while I hold it at the same position for about 20 to 25 seconds per lock.

Step 4: Repeat the process for every lock. When you get to the middle of the back change hold the iron in your other hand in the opposite direction.

Step 5: That's it girl! This was quick and easy right?

Wavy hair done!