As the weeks are flying by so quickly I've gone ahead and packed baby's hospital bag and our bags. To be honest being a first-time mom I don't have much of a clue on what to pack so I looked up what to bring via blogs and I watched quite a few videos by experienced moms on Youtube.

Taken all the advice into account I suddenly remember that at the hospital info session they mentioned what to bring for baby and for mom, it was listed in their leaflet. I tend to overpack.. :-) so I'm happy that the hospital provided a list to follow on the essentials to pack. 

The only thing I added to baby's hospital bag that isn't necessary to bring is his bath & shower cream and baby bottom cream (both from Weleda) because I would love to only use natural products on our baby. I'm still doubting on bringing along some organic diapers and baby wipes (Water Wipes).


What's in baby's hospital bag: Full list 


  • 3 x bio cotton bodies with long sleeves (sleepsuits)
  • 1 x  bio cotton body with short sleeve (sleepsuits)
  • 3 x long sleeve one-piece pajama's

  • 1 x pajama set: pajama trousers with feet and long sleeve kimono top
  • 5 x pairs of light cotton socks
  • 1 x hat
  • 1 x pair of scratch mittens


One Outfit

  • kimono (bio cotton) body with long sleeves
  • legging
  • light sweater
  • knitted booties



  • nail clipper
  • nail file
  • hairbrush
  • hair comb
  • sterile bulb aspirator (to remove mucous from baby's nose)
  • organic bath & shower cream
  • organic baby bottom cream



  • 1 x pacifier
  • 2 x burp cloths
  • 3 x bandana slabs
  • 1 x light cotton blanket (for the maxi-cosi)
  • 2 x muslin swaddle blankets


This is all I have packed for baby's arrival plus his car seat, the Maxi-Cosi Pebble Plus off-course. Hope my packing list can be helpful if you're also a first-time mommy.

I would be happy to do an updated post later to let you know what I actually used from his bag and what I didn't use. And do tell me, would you like to know what's in my hospital bag and what I've got packed for hubby? Let me know in the comments!

Thanks for sticking around, hope you enjoy my blog posts! 

One month to go! Super excited!