37 weeks and 3 days and I'm ready to pop any minute now!

The past few weeks were pretty exciting as I thought labor had started several times and we went to the hospital a couple of times. (That was exhausting!) But I'm sure I'm not the only one who hasn't a clue on what to feel, what's normal and what's not as a first time mom.

To top these mysterious feelings the hot weather really added to my discomfort and had me in a lot of pain for several nights in a row. The first night I just couldn't sleep as our room was so hot that night, I felt like I couldn't breathe and I had so much abdominal pain. The pain felt different than round ligament pains or Braxton Hicks, I just can't explain how it felt but it was off and it was a constant pain. So we went to the hospital again in the middle of the night to get things checked out as I feared that something could be terribly wrong as i didn't feel the baby and I just could tell something was off. They did a couple of examinations and couldn't really find anything. The doctor told me it was probably a bad reaction to the heat as I was they had seen a couple of pregnant women come in due to the heat. And I was advised to stay out of the sun and stay cool, which truly helped me a lot!



and ready to POP

Quit the scare but luckily everything was fine. The doctor and the nurses also told me that's is always best to come into the hospital for a check-up and monitoring if you fear something is wrong or if there are signs that labor could have started, so that brought me to ease. And turns out I'm not the only one going who's going into the hospital quit a lot as friends and colleagues experienced the same thing. Few! I can still show my face! Hahah :-D

Except for the swollen feet.. that's a whole other thing I didn't see coming. I'dd rather hide those swollen suckers but that would be impossible! :-D Can you imagine going up 2 sizes overnight? Totally bananas! I mean, I had to go shopping yesterday for new shoes and sandals as NONE, yes NONE, of my shoes (and I own a lot of shoes, hihi) fit me anymore! So yesterday at my routine appointment with the gynecologist I brought it up (well I showed her my huge feet haha) and she did a urine test to define protein levels. Luckily this puffy swelling isn't a sign of eclampsia. Nope there's just a bit more of me .. everywhere, haha! Mama Big Foot! 

Aside from the hospital visits (haha) the past weeks have been great and I'm feeling good. Off course this late in pregnancy a gal can feel a bit uncomfortable but we're both super excited to get things going now! Although I'm now walking around on a slower pace, I feel capable of doing 2 - 3 relaxing small walks a day and a couple of exercises. Which I wasn't able to the previous weeks. So I'm happy about that and for the time being we're still seeing our friends & family and going on lot's of dates, enjoying these last weeks of pregnancy. <3

Our little one follows the growth curve nicely, now weighing 3072 gram, which is perfect and he would have a bunch of hair, just like me when I was born! Haha so cute! We're trying to imagine him with a full head of hear. :-) LOL

Baby could come any day now! So glad we've passed the important mark of 37 weeks! Hooray! My gynecologist also told us that if the baby would be born from now on (from 37 weeks) the chances are high that baby wouldn't need extra care nor would he need to stay in the incubator as the lungs are now fully developed. In fact most babies are born between 37 weeks and 40 weeks.

My pre-induction date has already been set! Exciting! Will you keep your fingers crossed for me that baby boy will decide to be born earlier? I'm not really a fan of medical pre-induction and I hope he'll join us on his own time.


Since 3 weeks I've been experiencing most of the pre-labor signs with the return of lower back pain, menstrual-like cramping, pelvic pains and pressure, loss of the mucus plug and more. He has also dropped and is positioned perfectly for birth. So it's a matter of patience now and we're running low on it, friends! 



That's all for now! Will this be my last journal entry of my pregnancy? We'll see!

When will we meet you, little one?

One last thing! Next up on the blog: I'll be sharing a couple of old-wive tricks I'm trying to prepare for labor and help things get started.

Calling moms who've been there! I welcome any tips you might have! Oops that sounds really desperate, right? I am! :-) We both are. So huuuuge thank you for sharing your tips already. Leave them in the comments below for me and other mommies to try? Thanks a ton!