The art of presenting food is equally important as the taste in my opinion.  

Don't you love it when you go to a restaurant or when you're invited to a friends' house and you can see the effort and thought that went into creating a dish, a meal that looks so beautiful you just can't wait to indulge?

It's that joyful anticipation that I love to create in a dish myself, turning everyday delicious meals into little feasts, making every day count. Below, some of my favorite presentation styles that make every day meals look irresistible.

Disclaimer :-) :-): The following 'presentation styles' are just my interpretation. I stamped these style names according to my own interpretation as a food-enthusiast and hobby chef.

  • Rustic: delicious finger food - image: antipasti or lunch served on wood

  • Restaurant: restaurant style presentation - image: salmon served on top of a bed of veggies

  • Less is more: a glorious simple meal served on a crisp white plate - image: pasta & pesto sauce 

  • Family feast: a table full of dishes to share with family and friends - image: an Italian feast 

  • One bowl dish (or one pot dish): a lovely fresh salad bowl - image: a Greek feta salad