Who isn't crazy about the tassel-trend?

From big & bold statement earrings and necklaces to tassels on tee's, baskets, garlandsstraw bags and tassel trims on cushions and throws. I for one love this playful look and they're so easy to make. 

I know I've been offline for a while now. I didn't have the perfect birth experience, it still is a trauma for me. Maybe one day I'll write about that hard topic as it can help to heal and to give hope to other women out there to let them know that they're not alone! To top that our little family fell ill.. yes yes as if life with a newborn isn't crazy enough! :-) Don't take it the wrong way, I'm not complaining, things have just been hectic.

So pardon my absence from social media and from the blog! I'll do my best to keep posting whenever I have a moment. I love our little baby Yannick sooo much and I can't wait to post about his first weeks!! 


And today, a first post in a while, let's do something fun such as making tassels.

You can read how I make them below or follow these instructions on Youtube. You're welcome!! PS: I made a ton of tassels in my final week of pregnancy.. the weather was so hot (it still is by the way!) and I was melting away and had to do calm activities, so this was actually perfect! I also did an update on some cushions and baskets by adding tassels to them. Be sure to check out my Instagram & IG Stories as I will post some of my creations there. Love to inspire you and be inspired!

Most important: Have a moment of your own and enjoy a small project like this one. It's things like these that can make your day. Now all we need is ice cold lemonade while we bundle those yarns under the sun!  Do something you love, because my friend it will make you happy! 

xo Lot's of love & sunshine from me, a new mom in town.


What you'll need:

a pair of scissors 

yarn of your choice


The tassels I've made are a good 5 cm long and quite full. I used about 3 arm lengths of yarn per tassel. So you can do more or less meters depending on how long and full you want the tassels.

- Measure your yarn and cut it off at the desired length (about 3 meters)

- Start wrapping the yarn around your fingers (but leave your thumb out )


- Carefully slide the bundle off and place it on the table

- Cut off another a short piece of your yarn (10 cm will do), take your bundle and wrap the short string around the the top of the bundle and tighten it


- Cut through the bundle at the opposite side, there you have your very own tassel!

- Pieces that are too long can be cut short

- Trim the tassel & voilà! 


Repeat the process for every tassel and perhaps try a mix of colors using yarn in different shades.

Pretty little things that make happy!