L'Erbolario Natural Beauty Products

The scent is sooo good! 

Are you familiar with L'Erbolario? It is a herbal eco-friendly and cruelty-free, natural beauty brand. 

When I discovered L'Erbolario beauty & body care products first a couple of years ago during my vacation in Tuscany I completely fell in love. I prefer my body and beauty products to be as natural as possible and I'm so glad to have found that L'Erbolario line.

And as a surplus, they all look good too! Their product packaging is too beautiful to even throw away, I'm not kidding. Do take it from me, since I'm pregnant I love it even more to indulge in a bubbly bath and I love that I needn't worry about harsh chemicals when I soak up in a bath by L'Erbolario. 

I can really recommend you give it a try and see how you love it & let me know!

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