Kind & Gezin Magazine

Earlier this week I saw a post on Instagram that Kind & Gezin was coming with a new must-read: Baby Magazine. Their brochures are always packed with great information about parenthood and their latest one the Baby Magazine is no exception.

Being a new mom myself I sure love these reads. In the latest edition parents also talk about their personal experiences with the labour & delivery, post-partum and with bringing up a baby. I’m so thankful that these brave people have opened up to tell such intimate and personal stories and I respect them for that! Honesty, raw emotions, real talk. That’s beautiful.


To read what they went through is comforting to me because I can relate to their stories and so it seems, I’m not the only one struggling. Maybe you’ve seen my mention before on Facebook or Instagram.. In all honesty, I don’t feel ready yet to talk about the whole painful experience online but maybe one day I will be and that might help other mothers and their partners as well. I just want you to know, whatever it is you’re struggling with, you are not alone! Sending love into the #momtribe!

Oh before I forget (mom brain/baby brain is real ladies & gentlemen, I’m sorry, it is! haha) .. You can order your Kind & Gezin Magazines and Videos online and free of charge. Get yours here.

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Kind en Gezin Magazine - Anais Stoelen Photography