My Top 3 Pregnancy Apps

Being a first-time-mommy-to-be I love to read about pregnancy. Following how baby is developing and what's happening with my body day by day, week by week is so interesting and fascinating to me.  

So today I'm sharing my favorite pregnancy apps with you which I love to check daily. 



My Top 3 Pregnancy Apps


1 The Bump

From The Bump app you can expect daily articles on pregnancy. I also love their articles on labor, life with a newborn and on parenthood,. The articles from The Bump are really great learning resources for moms & dads to be. Within the app you can add your estimate date of birth, this way you'll be given an extra update on top of the daily articles in the feed, telling you how far along you are in your pregnancy (per week), what's happening and which changes you can expect to take place around that time. The 3D baby graphic let's you have a closer look at the baby's developing stage. And if you're into starting an online registry The Bump could be your perfect solution.

If you're more of a desktop reader I do recommend The Bump website which is packed with a ton on information. 

2 Flo

Flo app is great for monitoring your female health in terms of your menstrual cyclus, help you with defining when your most fertile moments if you want to become pregnant and it's also great to follow up on your pregnancy. The app newsfeed is updated daily and every week you'll find articles about your developing baby. The app is a great choice if you wish to track your mood, save notes and daily monitor your pregnancy symptoms.

3 Nurture

The nurture app is quit similar to the Flo app. it's a great app if you want to monitor your pregnancy symptoms. You'll receive daily updates on your developing baby and the app has a knowledge base filled with a ton of articles on various topics within sexuality, fertility, pregnancy, labor and parenthood. Within the Nurture community you'll find and can exchange advice, birth stories and experiences with moms and expecting moms.

So this is my personal top 3, which apps or books do you love to read? Feel free to share them below with the #momtribe! 

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