Rose Gold Metallic Leather Sandals

Hi Friends! How are you today?

A couple of days ago I was on the search for the perfect summer sandals and guess what.. I ended up buying the same pair that I bought last year! Haha! I was so happy that they were part of Pronti's collection again! I love the rose gold/copper metallic straps and the tanned leather/cognac combination in these sandals by the brand Cala Molina. They look extra gorgeous on if you have a bit of a tan and a pretty pastel nail polish

I wore the first pair of these sandals all throughout spring and summer, inside and outside of the house last year. It's safe to say, I wore them out haha! They are really so good, I just want to wear them day in and day out, so comfortable, I'm not kidding!

And that's what I was particularly looking for this time around. I needed to find sandals or slippers that were both very comfortable and pretty because well let's say I walk like a penguin these days. (34 weeks pregnant and counting!) 

So why not go for the same pair. If you know something's good, why wouldn't you buy it again, am I right, ladies? They are my favorite pair of sandals and honestly, I might just buy another pair and store it in my closet for next year. Shhhtt, don't tell! ;-)