How I restyled my bassinet for the arrival of our baby

When a while ago my mother told me she still had my bassinet it made me very happy and I was curious to see it. The design was classic with white cotton bedding, with flower cut-out details and a classic hood.

Although it still was in a good state the fabric had become a bit yellowish. I tried different ways of whitening it in the machine but it remained rather yellowish. Also as much as I appreciate the classic design of the fabric,

I wasn't quite sure this look was 100 % to my liking and I wanted to give it a little update anno 2018. Turns out I love the bassinet bare, sans fabrics. The woven structure of the white bassinet looked so beautiful without the fabric cover, so I kept it bare. Then I ran into a little bit of a problem, the sides were rather hard with small sharp edges of the rattan sticking out. Not very safe for baby.


So I took my bassinet along to our baby shop where we are registered for expert advice on how I could repurpose my bassinet to be safe and cosy for baby. At Anneke & Janneke, they helped us greatly and we were advised a babynest. It's an oval shaped matras with soft bumpers all around the matras. The ideal choice for my bassinet as the higher bumper covers any sharp edges of the rattan. The babynest is also perfect if you want to snuggle with the baby on the sofa or sleep in bed. 

Super happy with this solution that's both safe and pretty. Oh and looks oh so cosy!

How pretty is the balloon design by the way? The babynest is by Filibabba and the baby blue striped crib blanket is called Altea from Koeka.