5 Apps I Use To Edit My iPhone Shots

Ciao friends! 

Thanks to all of you who entered my Instagram poll yesterday, I appreciate your feedback and I always look forward to hear your input, share your ideas and thoughts with me and my readers! The majority of votes showed you were interested in a Quick Reads post about the apps I use to edit my iPhone shots. So here it is!

There's a lot of talk about how important consistency is when you're posting to your Instagram. This applies to the relevance of your content as well as the style of imagery you post, it has to be consistent in order to be picked up as interesting enough to follow apparently. Yes there's something to that but just bear in mind to stay true to yourself because having a beautiful feed is one thing but keeping it real and genuine to who you are is another. Instagram is overruled by dreamy imagery, posed settings and not-so real moments and that's a bit sad don't you think? So let's not get carried away by filters that are now on trend (and stop the unicorn swimming pool shots already!). Let Instagram be a place to express yourself, not to copy what everyone else seems to think is hot now. Wouldn't you say? Pardon me, I don't want to sound harsh, it's just something I wanted to share with you because that's how I feel.

Before & After

Left: the before image, a snapshot made with my iPhone, Right: Edited using VSCO Cam

Staying genuine to myself and my lifestyle blog I love to use the following apps to edit my iPhone Shots for Instagram. I personally mix iPhone shots with images I shoot with my camera and edit in Photoshop Lightroom. You might be wondering why I also post iPhone Shots? I like to post (almost) daily as I see my Instagram as a journal (linking to my blogposts) and by mixing iPhone shots with camera images I'm able to keep things on a roll. I try to edit my iPhone shots to match my camera images to stay true to my aesthetic and vision.

Edited in Photoshop Fix

Edited in Photoshop Fix

Edited in VSCO Cam

Edited in VSCO Cam

Listed below, the 5 apps I use to edit my iPhone Shots. The apps I use most of the time are VSCO CamPhotoshop Fix and Lightroom CC.

I'm curious to hear which apps you like to use to edit your snapshots on your mobile and any apps you're reviewing.

5 Apps I Use To Edit My iPhone Shots

1 VSCO Cam 

Great for editing snapshots quick and easy and adding great film (analog) style filters, modern or vintage style filters to your snapshots.

2 Planoly

Okay I cheated, this is a planning tool not an editing app but I do love it. Thanks to this app you can preview how your next posts would look in your Instagram feed. You can switch images around to create a consistent flow and plan your posts.

3 Photoshop Fix

I use Photoshop Fix mostly for refining portraits and head shots in particular. And I love the super easy tools for removing blemishes (simply remove them with your finger on your screen!)

4 Lightroom CC

Photoshop Lightroom is the mother of all professional photo editing software in my opinion, editing in Lightroom is part of my daily life as a blogger and photographer, and the mobile app is a great addition to edit snapshots on your phone. The editing tools of the Lightroom CC app are more extensive than the Photoshop Fix app.  

5 Snapseed

Last but not least Snapseed is a great app to quickly edit snapshots on your mobile. In the app you can find filters and various editing tools. To be honest I'm not a fan of the filters nor the Glamour Glow, however the editing tools are fine.